Community of Bon Vivants - CamperCulinair
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Likeminded travellers

We would love to bring the participants of our culinary trips and other bon vivants together. That’s why we started the ‘Community of Bon vivants’. Without any strings attached, of course.


The Community is the place to find information, reports and interviews about travelling, food and drinks. It is content that will truly appeal to bon vivants.
Members will of course get special privileges, such as getting the news, about our new trips or other developments, first.

When you share, you multiply

We organise spectacular and culinary get-togethers. These events will allow you to relive the culinary experience of your trip with us, it will take you to unique locations and you will get the chance to share wonderful recipes with your fellow bon vivants..


CamperCulinair started collaborating with Diligo Spain.

Diligo focuses on luxury as well as bon vivants. We would like to thank and give credit to Diligo for the wonderful pictures on this page. 

Without any strings

Becoming a member of the Community of Bon Vivants is free and comes without any strings attached.

Exclusive but non-binding