Formula of CamperCulinair - CamperCulinair
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For whom?

CamperCulinair is for people who enjoy the freedom of travelling, potentially for longer periods of time, with their own luxurious RV. It is for people who want quality and like to experience the best there is to offer.

A group of bon vivants

What makes a weekend with us so unforgettable is the effortless blend of the right group of bon vivants, who all appreciate exquisite food and drinks at exclusive locations.

Gastronomic weekends

You are travelling through Spain with your luxurious RV at your own pace. You are enjoying the scenery, your freedom and each other’s company. Nevertheless, it would be fun to occasionally meet fellow bon vivants and enjoy a gastronomic weekend together.



CamperCulinair organizes luxurious weekends exclusively for you and fellow RV travellers. We flawlessly combine exquisite dining at exclusive venues with great ambiance and a relaxing holiday experience.

Sights to see

Together with fellow RV enthusiasts, you will visit venues where hospitality, exquisite traditional cuisine and local wines unite with great scenery and historical sights. You can be rest assured that your travel itinerary will take you off the well-travelled touristic route. We will completely arrange everything for you, so you have the opportunity to just enjoy.






The best local chefs will make sure the food and accompanying drinks will make for an incredible gastronomic experience. This is sometimes due to the chef’s unique approach, other times due to its simplicity, but always with the best local produces. Every evening, you will get to enjoy an exquisite dinner at a unique and exclusive venue with great ambiance: for example in a castle or at a manor at the shore. Not just your taste buds will be in for a treat, how about your ears, for example, which will enjoy the sounds of the flamenco.






Small groups

Every weekend will begin with getting to know the other bon vivants. This will be followed by a tour, which will allow you to get to know your fellow travellers in an informal setting. Our groups consist of at least 16 participants and the maximum is 24. The size will ensure the intended intimacy within the group without taking away any sense of freedom.

Unique campsites

You will be hosted at unique campsites. Imagine, for example, the garden of an old castle. Or staying the night with your RV at a typical Spanish bodega. Or how about a stunning view of the Mediterranean sea or impressive mountain ranges?



Exquisite dining without a worry

We want you to have an enjoyable and worry-free time. That’s what it is all about at CamperCulinair. You don’t have to arrange anything, nor will you have to think about anything. We will make sure you’re carefree during your weekend with us.
• This means we will arrange transportation with a VIP bus from your campsite to all locations. It will allow you to fully enjoy the scenery and the beautiful wines.
• You also do not have to worry about the language, we will manage that for you.
• We will give you advice on what to wear for each part of the program.
This is all part of the CamperCulinairformula.