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About This Project

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To become a Cava expert?

Duration:       4 days

Date:              TBD

Price:             € 1.250,= for 2 persons


Cava: the Spanish Champagne!

The region originally only cultivated grain, however, it also has a longstanding tradition of vineyards. In 1668, a Spanish ‘champagne’ was introduced in Paris. This ‘champagne’ was produced in the same way the French champagnes were made. The Catalan winegrowers called their drink Xampán or Champán, until merely products from the Champagne region were allowed to be called champagne. They quickly came up with a new name; due to the fact that the bubbly wine was kept in cellars (Cava in Spanish), the name was changed to Cava. You have probably enjoyed several champagnes and Cavas in the past, but the variety between Cava wines is wide and it takes particular skills to be able to distinguish them. These skills will be shared with you while surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. Who considers themselves a Cava-expert already? Well, after this weekend, you definitely can. You are only going to want to drink Cava after this.
Of course you’re curious to see the program of this trip.


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